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  • Featured Blogger
    By Armen Davoudian January 30, 2023

    It’s easy to get lost in debates around form and content, or form and function, or form and freedom, or form and fill-in-the-blank—arguments for the importance of one side over...

    Sepia toned black on white etching on paper depicting the back of a person seated at a table, with piles of books  and a bookshelf, and a partially open door.
  • Featured Blogger
    By Karthika Naïr January 23, 2023

    चीन ओ अरब हमारा, हिन्दोस्ताँ हमारा रहने को घर नहीं है, सारा जहाँ हमारा खोली भी छिन गयी है, बैंचें भी छिन गयी हैं सड़कों पे घूमता है, अब कारवां हमारा Chin-o-Arab hamara, Hindustan...

    Watercolor painting depicting black dots in various streams of circular movement against white background.
  • From Poetry Magazine
    By Charif Shanahan January 17, 2023

    Poetry reminds me, daily, of the simultaneous singularity and plurality of human experience: for all our differences, for the ways in which we have attached meaning to those differences, hated...

    Black and red text reads, “From the Guest Editor’s Desk” next to a photo of Charif Shanahan on a white background.
  • Archive Editor's Note
    By Robert Eric Shoemaker January 16, 2023

    Through imagining and acting on the imaginary, poetry can help make an existence to live in, thrive in, and appreciate differently.

    Banner of the January 2023 Editor's Discussion post
  • Featured Blogger
    By Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué January 9, 2023

    To call a literary work “unreadable” is to make a rather flexible aesthetic judgment. Most commonly, one means they didn’t like that work, found it too boring, too gruesome, badly...

    three-legged m, concrete poem by Adam Saroyan.
  • Open Door
    By Harriet Staff December 23, 2022

    In keeping with our annual tradition, Poetry Foundation staff share a book (or two, or more) that brought them joy, or comfort, or pleasure this year. *** Janet Cheung, Web Producer I would...

    Illustrated pegasus logo
  • Featured Blogger
    By Austin Allen December 19, 2022

    Editor's Note: This is the third installment in a three-part essay. To read the first two installments visit these links: Part I and Part II. The ice caps are melting: criticism has failed....

    View of ocean and blue skies, with waves lapping up against rocks. Large Tafoni rock in foreground right.
  • Foundation News
    December 15, 2022

    The Poetry Foundation is proud to announce the 39 nonprofit organizations that received funding in this round of grants, as well as the 9 organizations that were awarded special grants...

    Red and black text “Poetry Foundation Announcing Fall 2022 Grant Awardees” with abstract red swirls and gray dots.
  • Featured Blogger
    By Timothy Yu December 15, 2022

    Part of the appeal of poetry as criticism, which I discussed in my last post, is the idea of a poem that can explain itself, with no intervention needed from...

    A square of woven lines of film and thread, black, blue, grey, reds and pinks, in geometric patterns.
  • Foundation News
    December 14, 2022

    The Poetry Magazine Podcast is looking for a new host! 

    Red and black text “Poetry Magazine Podcast Call for Podcast Host” with abstract red swirls and gray dots.
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